Happy Birthday to Nicole and Vicki of course! Wait...who are Nicole & Vicki? We have no idea.So this huge cake appears in the kitchen area this morning around 9am. There are some pieces cut out of it, so clearly some people have already dug in. Who? No one knows.

The cake reads 'Happy Birthday Nicole & Vicki'. There is no one that works here at FUN 107 or WBSM with either of those names. Hmm...weird.  So who is this cake for?? No one knows.

Now, my office is directly outside of the kitchen area where the cake was left, and I played a fun little game today at work. I counted the amount of times I heard people walk by the cake and say "Who the heck are Nicole & Vicki?" Guess how many times? 17. 17 people walked by this mysterious cake and asked who Nicole & Vicki were!!

How the heck did this cake just appear and no one knows who it's for, where it came from, or who ate some of it already?

Very strange...