If you own a website, particularily on GoDaddy.com you might notice you can't get on it right now. That's because the super hacktivist group "Anonymous" who has shut down many websites in the past including government run websites for other countries, groups in support of Scientology, as well as those who are against web piracy, has decided to disable GoDaddy just for the fun of it.

I see no productive use for hackers. To sit in front of your computer and think to yourself, "Gee, while my mom is at the store and since I still live at home doing nothing to contribute to society, let me shut down websites or send viruses to unsuspecting individuals so their computers lock up or shut down" is such a waste of time.

"Anonymous" claims to do this kind of hacking to prove that it doesn't matter how big the company is, their websites can be crippled with just a few keystrokes. Way to be productive, Anonymous. Be brave and reveal yourselves. In public they wear those masks seen in the "V For Vendetta" movie. Come on, let the world see who you really are!

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