The tech world was shaken up after a celebrities had their iCloud hacked.

Over Labor Day Weekend, we found out about dozens of female celebrities that have had their iCloud hacked resulting in revealing photos of them getting leaked all over the internet. It raised the question to avid Apple users about the security of iCloud.  If a group of celebrities could have their account hacked, why not our own information?  After all, Apple has always boasted about the strength of their security. has created a list of safety tips on how to protect your iCloud account from any hackers out there, here is the following list:

Use two-step authentication. There is an option on iCloud to have two sets of questions before you log into your account. The first is a password that you create normally and the second is an authentication code that could be sent to you via text message or email. Hackers may be able to guess someone's password but they would not be able to access your phone in order to find out the authentication code.

You also want to check your iCloud, not just your device. Even after deleting your photos from your phone, doesn't mean it is deleted off your cloud. If you have pictures or information that you want to delete for good, make sure it is deleted everywhere.

Have different passwords for each device. Most people tend to use the same password for everything which can increase your exposer to hackers. Once they know how to get into one of your accounts, they can get into all the others. Try different varies on your original passwords or come up with completely different new ones.

And lastly, and most careful what you put on the internet! It is an open book and technology is getting more complicated. Hackers are learning more and more tricks on how to get into any account so if there is anything out there that you wouldn't want anyone to see, don't put it online!  The celebrities themselves share some responsibility for having pictures of themselves in "compromising positions".

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