A letter was forwarded to the members of the Wareham School Committee saying that the Wareham Public Schools is a "culture of fear".

According to Wareham Wicked Local, the anonymous letter was addressed by Mary Morgan, a committee member of the Wareham School Committee on Wednesday.  Mary sat at a table away from the rest of the committee in hopes to make a statement. She stated that the local school system has a "culture of fear and lack of morale" and compared it to "a panther watching over you, waiting to pounce." Morgan says that the letter is valid.

The letter addressed that there is too much administration and not enough teachers in the district. Wareham High School student, junior Makayla Cannata, addressed that the long-term substitute teacher, Kelsey Stouffer, should be a teacher for the following school year. She stated that the substitute has made a huge impact on the students in Wareham High School.

A petition is held at the Wareham High School due to the superintendent of Schools Kimberly Shaver-Hood stating that there will not be a renewal in Kelsey Stouffer's contract.

The letter goes into detail on representation of Wareham Public Schools. Over the past three years, the work environment has become inefficient and disturbing. There is uncertainty if the committee know what is happening in the district, they are not seen in the schools very often.  The employees feel they no longer have a voice and are not heard by administration. Some say they keep quiet so that they stay employed.

To be more specific, here's a looks at what's happened in the past three years:

-Test scores have become worse over time. The Wareham High School fell from Level 1 to Level 3.

-Professional development is a must for the staff. Only specific members are chosen to go to an all-expenses paid conference in an expensive location.

-We need more teachers, counselors and paraprofessionals. Not assistant superintendent's or administrators.

-Special Education staff members need administrative support, not blame.

-Not taking correction action when parents complain about handling a student. Creating a negative environment for students and parents. Staff is being treated with disrespect from administration when handling situations involving student discipline.

-Students are leaving Wareham schools and are attending private schools, tech schools, and other public schools.

-More sick and personal days are being taken due to teachers, stand and students getting hurt at school.

-Increase in lawsuits against the district.

-The negative environment has caused talented and quality employees to leave the district for multiple reasons, for example, being demoted, bullied, etc. Some replacements are uncertified and unfit for the job.

-A few people are getting special treatment and the Wareham Public Schools are tired of this unhealthy environment.

Additional reporting by Michaela Bottino

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