There has been a lot of crazy hoarding going on across the country, but I have something to say to my fellow shoppers a lot closer to home.

Dear fellow food shoppers,

I don't want to name drop any stores or call out any cities or towns, but I do want to say thank you.

I know there have been a lot of crazy stories about the stores out there, but my experience this weekend was anything but crazy.

Sure there were larger than usual crowds and longer than typical lines. But the mood was calm and polite and for that I am extremely grateful.

It took a few loops through the lot to find a place to park and I had to use a handheld basket because they were out of shopping carts, but during my weekend supermarket run I managed to find everything I had on my list.

And a few things that weren't on my list.

Like kindness, humor and helpfulness.

The store was predictably packed and most of the aisles were full of people simply waiting in line to pay, but everyone was being nice to each other.

People were still saying "excuse me" when they needed to sneak by the lines to shop.

Folks in the line were happy to grab the item off the shelf someone shopping was looking for if they couldn't reach it themselves.

And one woman even offered to share her shopping cart with me so I could get my groceries to the car without loading myself with bags like a pack-mule.

It was amazing and even a little reassuring to see that much kindness amid all the chaos and I am truly grateful to everyone shopping in that store to enable me to have that experience in these stressful times.

So thank you fellow shoppers, I hope more people can be like you in the weeks ahead.

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