Is it just me, or does it seem like sharks are really enjoying the SouthCoast this summer? Another shark was spotted off the coast of Martha's Vineyard a few days ago, heightening my fear of the deep blue sea even more.

Tyler Lima, a local firefighter and fisherman, was enjoying a day on the water when he spotted a "massive shark" circling his 23-foot boat. He told Boston 25 News "...that fish when its head was past the stern of the boat, I was like man this thing is no joke and it circled the boat 3 or 4 times."

He thought quick enough to whip out his phone and get this lingering shark on camera. If this was me, I don't think I would've reacted so quickly. I would be rushing below deck and praying for my life.

Warning: Explicit language in video

I don't see myself swimming with sharks any time soon, but don't get me wrong, I think sharks are fascinating and I am happy the shark population is thriving. Chris Fischer, OCEARCH Expedition Leader, told a news reporter, "You guys got 400-500 sharks that come through here every year and those numbers are going to probably steadily rise and it's good; I mean, they are basically here protecting your fisheries from the seals." In other words, more lobster and fish for me because the seals aren't hogging them all.

After watching Lima's video, I am even more shocked that he was calm enough to film this gigantic shark. It appears to be the size of his boat, but it turns out this one is just a gentle giant known as a basking shark.

"It kind of catches you off guard when you are just sitting there in the middle of nowhere," Lima said.

I would say so! I'll be keeping my feet on land until further notice.

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