While many were packed in the streets of Boston like sardines, a group of construction workers had the best view of the Patriots celebration.

Obviously, this anonymous video submission was both straight genius, yet very risky. The man works construction for a living, but has been laid off for the past couple of months. So, yes, perhaps he shouldn't have been there, but he was equipped with safety gear: a hard hat, work boots and a bright neon vest.

The building that was being worked on was part of Emerson College on the corner of Tremont Street and Boylston Street and clearly the best seats in the house. That was where the anonymous man had plans of watching the parade and clearly succeeded. Luckily for Fun 107, we were able to get a first-look at his amazing Snapchat story to show just how close he and the rest of those construction workers were to the duck boats.

Pay attention to when Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski drive by; they clearly acknowledge the workers and it appears they wave directly at the camera. Check this out:

Once more, I'll mention that Fun 107 does not endorse or encourage anyone to sneak onto construction sites and it was fortunate that this man at least had proper safety gear and experience, but we still do not condone such behavior.

This bird's eye view of the millions of fans flooding the streets of Boston is nothing more than extraordinary. Julian Edelman asked for record numbers on Tuesday and it's safe to say he got his wish.


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