Hackers in Russia have released 5 million Gmail passwords and made them public, but the good news is many of the passwords were outdated.

Habrahabr, a Russian Tech blog, thinks the majority of passwords compiled were a result of phishing scams, weak passwords, and other common issues, but not from the result of a hacked Google server. Earlier this week, popular Russian language services were also hacked.

Now if you're worried about your account being one of the millions that got hacked, you can go to a website called "Is my email leaked?" to check on the status of your accounts. If you are worried about putting your full account, you can use asterisks, but the site is considered safe.

In order to reassure your account's safety, even if you aren't one of the 5 million effected, the best thing would be to change your password to something entirely different. Even adding two-step verifications on your accounts will decrease your chances of ever getting hacked.

All in all, Gmail has over 500 million users, so only around 1% of all users were hacked. There is a much great change that your account wasn't hacked but it is better to be safe than sorry.