Everything and everyone has been affected by the current pandemic we are in. While not having to go to school seemed cool, many who were supposed to graduate this year are missing out on the actual ceremony of graduating.

I haven't shared my senior photo from the Class of 2003 and I'm glad I didn't. Looking back as many of you have, all I could ask myself is, what was I thinking? Mushroom haircut and all! Heck, even celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon.

The thought behind sharing your senior picture is to celebrate those that were not able to walk across the stage to receive their diploma in the traditional way due to social distancing that will likely continue through May and probably into who knows.

Well, the Better Business Bureau is cautioning everyone that posting these photos is probably not the best idea, because we may mistakenly be giving out information that will help hackers and scammers get access to your accounts.

No, it's not through some facial recognition; it's more knowing what school you went to or what year you graduated. Those are the answers to some pretty common account security questions. When answered correctly, it can allow hackers to access your accounts. Would you want someone to steal that $1200 stimulus deposit before you could use it?

I guess you can go ahead and post your senior photo if you want, but edit out your information the best you can. Truly, it's in your best interest. The last thing you need right now is some hacker messing up your life even more.

Maybe there is another way we can celebrate the Class of 2020. Any ideas?

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