Game of Thrones fans have been told since the early days that the night was dark and full of terrors, but did it have to be THAT dark last night for Episode 3 of their final season?

As the characters made final preparations for the Battle of Winterfell during the first few minutes of the show last night, I was struggling at times to see what was happening. When the battle finally broke out, there was no question about it: I could not see a darn thing.

There's no doubt in my mind that this was by artistic design. My guess is that the director was hellbent on capturing the darkness and confusion of a massive battle such as this one. They definitely succeeded; however, it was at the expense of following the action and the story for much of the 90-plus minutes of the episode.

The darkness was so distracting at times that my mind wandered away from Winterfell and back to real life as I wondered if I needed to pay a visit to Eye Health Vision Centers.

I'd say the director achieved what he was looking for by making the entire episode so dark and mysterious. It's hard to deny that the entire battle was chilling, and it definitely had me on the edge of my seat, but you have to wonder if they could have achieved the same level of intensity while still creating a scene that people could actually see.

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