The following article is a safe, spoiler free read.  We will give away no meaningful details about the Game of Thrones series finale that would affect your viewing experience.


It seems as if there may have been more modern amenities in Westeros than we may have originally thought.  The series surprised us earlier this season by leaving a Starbucks tea on a table in front of Daenerys.  Who knew you could get a grande in Winterfell?  It seems they've done it again.  Last night, the series finale seemingly featured a water bottle accidentally left by Sam Tarley's foot during the meeting of the brass.

It is now at the point that you have to wonder if these "mistakes" are happening on purpose.  It's difficult to believe that not one of the hundreds of actors in the Starbucks cup scene noticed that the cup was on the table during filming.  Not one crew member noticed?  Really?  Now, to have it happen again, seems unthinkable.

According to, the water bottle scene was filmed in the extremely hot Seville, Spain.  Clearly, the actors needed to stay hydrated during filming, it's just surprising that this wasn't spotted during editing.

We were trying to figure out what type of water was in the bottle.  It's definitely not a fancy Fiji.  It looks more like a Poland Springs.

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