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If your kids play fall sports, chances are you need a few of the items on this list.

One of my kids is a member of the winter track team which technically starts in the fall. And my youngest is playing basketball this fall and winter. So there are a bunch of necessities I like to make sure I am equipped with leading into the season, and as always, it's AmazonPrime to the rescue.

When the first few high school track meets happen, they are always in November and usually outdoors, brrrr. This Oceas waterproof blanket saved my life last year at the end of our baseball season in October and I will be using it again for the upcoming track meets, for sure.

Oceas via

Unfortunately, we go through water bottles in our house as if they were disposable, but they are not and shouldn't be. These Under Armor sports water bottles are the best and are BPA free and dishwasher-safe, which makes them so easy to clean. My boys love them and re-use them over and over. Extra plus: they never get stinky.

Thermos via Amazon

And who would I be if I were standing on the sidelines of the high school football games alongside my sons and husband without my New England Patriots winter pom-pom hat? Exactly, I'd my a crying shame. I wear this hat all winter long, not just at outdoor games.

New Era via Amazon

And lastly, the big giant "mom sports bag, "as I call it. It fits all their stuff and some of mine as well. It's multipurpose; this shoulder bag makes a great general-purpose cargo bag or carryall, which intended use in suitable for daily life such as the gym, sports, travel, work, luggage, beach bag, carry-on bag, hiking, and camping. It does it all.

ZOOEASS via Amazon
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