As the weather gets cooler, outdoor dining won't be as comfortable – or will it? Some restaurants are thinking about asking you to BYOB: bring your own blanket.

I have come to really enjoy the outdoor dining that lots of SouthCoast restaurants have added. While we may have been enjoying some amazing weather this past week, we know that colder weather is on the way. Restaurants are hoping that we will join them inside for dinner, but have we thought about continuing outside dining?

Some spots have already put up outdoor heaters to keep us warm and while they usually work pretty well, some of us are still chilly, so why not bring a blanket? A few restaurants were supplying blankets for those that chose to sit outdoors, and sanitizing them between customers, but why not BYOB? Bringing your own blanket to dinner might be the solution.

The Rhode Island Hospitality Association is already encouraging Ocean State diners to do just that.

To me, it sounds cozy and delightful, but some are thinking it's just another thing we have to remember to take with us when we leave our house. It's the worst when you forget your mask but having to remember your blanket just in case you get outdoor seating is another step to add to leaving the house.

I'm totally down with BYOB, though. I'll just leave one in the trunk of my car. I might bring a big enough one to share with my dinner dates!

What do you think about helping SouthCoast restaurants keep their outdoor seating open a little longer by bringing a blanket to keep warm and cozy?

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