You cannot go wrong with a traditional s’more. There’s a reason that the graham cracker, marshmallow, and milk chocolate combo is a classic. The gooey treat is the perfect ending to any camping trip or cool summer night. This mess tastes so good that you don’t even care if you have fluff all over your face and hands after it’s gone. Your first thought is, “Can I have some more?”

However, I came across a video that made me rethink the average s’more. Before this week, I’d never think to replace the graham cracker with a fudge-striped cookie. But it looks amazing and because the cookie has a chocolate base, you don’t even need a piece of chocolate to complete your s’more. All you need to add is a toasted marshmallow and you’re golden.

Contributed by Heather Kwiecien

This has me questioning everything. What other creative combinations have people come up with to up their s’mores game? We asked around and here are the best responses we received.

Brianne Enos said, “I always use a peanut butter cup instead of plain chocolate. So good!” Christine Marie puts a twist on the Reese’s idea with white chocolate peanut butter cups instead of milk chocolate. Keely Clapp gets really creative with a “Kit Kat or Reese’s for chocolate, and a snickerdoodle cookie.” Rosemary Heath said she’s not really a fan of graham crackers and milk chocolate. “I use different kinds of dark chocolate and girl scout cookies or chip ahoy.” Cait Burke blew my mind with one word; Nutella. Adam Guaraldi suggests that you get the marshmallows with the chocolate already stuffed inside.

Jackson doesn’t usually replace any of the typical ingredients in his s’mores, but he does add a little cinnamon to a perfectly toasted marshmallow before putting it on the cracker. “Sometimes I’ll use a Hershey’s Kiss instead of the flat bar because it melts easier.” Maddie’s go-to is similar to Jackson’s, but instead of adding cinnamon to the marshmallow, she uses cinnamon graham crackers. “GAME. CHANGER.”

I'm pretty sure my friend Kristen is a professional when it comes to s'mores because she bought this kit and now she's prepared for anything.

Kristen Pacheco / Townsquare Media

You can find the HERSHEY'S S'Mores Caddy on Amazon for $44.95 right now. Kristen doesn't mess around when it comes to these messy treats and neither should you.

Not only does she have this gear, but she's gotten pretty clever with recipes away from the campfire. Feast your eyes on the s'mores pizza:

Kristen Pacheco / Townsquare Media

"It's just sourdough, chocolate, and marshmallows. Super good while it's gooey, but a little rough on the teeth once it's cold."

Which one are you going to try first?

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