It's as if this week is telling me something. First it was National Junk Food Day on Tuesday, and now it's National Tequila Day – and on a Friday at that.

Now I know what your thinking: margarita time. That's my go-to as well, but there really are so many other uses for the amazing nectar of the agave plant.

For many people, tequila brings out the frisky side; I'm always frisky so tequila just enhances the good time that I already am.

After Googling what other uses there are for tequila, I had to share the ones that I have tried and think you would enjoy also.

First, there's the Tequila Sunrise. It's pretty simple to make, with tequila, orange juice, and you can garnish it if you wish with cherries and oranges. Sometimes I replace my traditional mimosa with this, as it makes for a next-level Sunday Funday.

Another is the Tequila Smash. This is also simple to make, with tequila, lime, some 7-Up or Sprite, and then garnish it with some sage leaves.

And another fun thing to do is to replace some of the other liquors you would normally use for other drinks with tequila. Some like to use it as the base for drinks like mojitos (making it a moijitarita), the Moscow Mule (the Mexican Mule) and Bloody Marys (Bloody Marias).

Those are the tequila drinks other than the margarita you could partake in today, but did you know you can actually cook tequila, too? As you may know, when you cook anything with alcohol in it, the alcohol evaporates, leaving the raw flavor. With tequila, it can be that of the agave – which means you can add tequila to some sweet treats, including making delicious glazes for cookies and cakes.

I found two recipes that sound absolutely amazing that I may just have to try: one for margarita cake balls and another for margarita cookies.

One last tequila treat that you may want to try, but I don't recommend it, is in lollipop form. You can order these babies on Amazon, but no thank you!

Whatever way you choose to celebrate National Tequila Day, please do it responsibly.

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