Sorry, not sorry. The hundreds of thousands of people petitioning HBO for a do-over on the latest season on Game of Thrones aren't real fans—they're just fanatics.

The internet is buzzing with the news that an online petition has been started by alleged GoT fans asking that HBO hire "competent writers" and try the final season again.

Personally, I think these petition signers need to head back to preschool where you learn "you get what you get and you don't get upset."

It's a show, people. And it's not like there haven't been upsetting moments in the past.

We've seen beheadings and Red Weddings and no one petitioned a do-over on that one.

I think the problem is that we've waited so long for this season that the expectation levels were at an all-time high. And with no books to give us a clue where this thing was heading, the fan theories went a little wild.

And now that things aren't living up to the perceived hype in some people's heads, they can't handle it.

Honestly, I think some of these people haven't been paying attention

People thought Jon Snow should have been the one to kill the Night King, but seriously, who else could it have been but Arya? She's been training for this for years. Why else spend that much time with her honing her murder skills?

And though I hated seeing Daenerys burn everything in King's Landing, she has burned plenty of people alive throughout the seasons before. She's exacted revenge on many and even crucified people; plus, way back in Season 2, she herself said she would "burn cities to the ground" with her dragons.

This season really hasn't come out of nowhere. I think people just stopped remembering the past seasons' smaller moments.

We've grown to love these characters for the last eight seasons, but for some, that love has become a bit of an obsession. And I think those signing these ridiculous petitions are the most obsessed of us all.

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