Just before the end of 2023, HBO announced several show renewals and cancellations.

Though many fans were worried about the fate of Julian Fellowes’ The Gilded Age, seems the historical drama was given the greenlight and another season is in the works.

HBO officially renewed the show for season 3 and fans can expect to see more scenes filmed in and around Rhode Island.

Newport as the summer hot spot for New York's elite has been a central storyline in The Gilded Age since season one. Several stately mansions have served as character's homes and carefully restored rooms are often featured as both Newport and New York locations in the show.

When Will The Gilded Age Season Three Start Filming?

Executive producer, Casey Bloys, has spoken with ScreenRant about the upcoming seasons of HBO's renewed shows and has confirmed start dates for filming on the historical drama.

Not much surprise that he says primary filming will be around June and July.

Those summer start dates are perfect for outdoor filming of summer scenes in and around Newport. So where can you expect to find film crews this summer?

Where Will Season Three of The Gilded Age Film in Newport?

Though nothing has been confirmed location wise yet, it's easy to see how the Newport Casino, now the International Hall of Fame, might once again be used as a filming location along the many of the mansions listed below becoming sets again as well.

Executive producer Sonja Warfield seems to suggest the fan favorite Peggy Scott may also come to Newport in the upcoming season. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter she said,

There was a Black elite also in Newport, and because Newport’s so small, they lived among white people. I absolutely want to see more of Peggy’s life.

That could mean new Newport locations for the upcoming season or even historic homes from other cities being used to represent Newport.

We can think of a few New Bedford houses that could fit the bill, keep scrolling to see more.

Newport Mansions Seen in HBO's 'The Gilded Age'

"The Gilded Age" film crews have returned to Newport, Rhode Island, for several weeks of filming for the upcoming second season of HBO's hit show. Casting calls from March gave away the International Tennis Hall of Fame as a site for several scenes and, of course, several of the historic city's epic mansions are being used as well. Here are all the places filming is expected to take place around town this May.

Gallery Credit: Nancy Hall

New Bedford Gilded Age Homes For Sale

See pictures of some New Bedford homes for sale that were built during the Gilded Age.

Gallery Credit: Michael Rock

30 Things To Do in Newport Any Time of Year

Newport has always been seen as a summer destination. Wealthy New Yorkers used to escape the city in the hotter months for this picturesque seaside spot and the label as a summer vacation destination began.

There are, however, plenty of things to do in this historic town in any season and we've found a few that you may want to try the next time you head to Newport.

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