When I was getting lunch yesterday, I notice now more than ever, a lot of change. Not things changing, but change itself. The kind that jingles in your pockets, that gets stuck in the couch cushions, underneath car seats, on the ground, it's everywhere.

Instead of paying $4.35 for something, can't they round up to the nearest dollar, or round down? It would be a lot easier carrying bills, then having a weird lump of nonsense of nickels, dimes, and 500 pennies.

It might actually help the economy too. Charge a $1 for tax if you want, I don't care. Does anyone really care what their paying for sales tax anyway? I think we've all become a little de-sensitized when it comes to what we're actually paying for.

Oh, and while I'm at it. Change the name 'Dollar Menu' to the '$1.29 Menu' at fast food places. Nothing is a $1 anymore.