It's Friday, can we just leave it at that? I'm ready for the weekend, and t's going to be a pretty crazy weekend for Zedd, too. He just dropped a new song called "Good Thing."

Now Zedd does not sing on his tracks, but he did Kehlani to lend vocals.

If you have heard any previous Zedd tracks then you know his staples. He does pretty awesome bass drops. Zedd found a way to promote the song in Vegas at this "Life Is Beautiful" festival that happened last weekend without playing the actual song.

Somehow he landed some kind of deal with Chipotle where he made his own burrito and handed it out to the audience at the festival. The burrito is being called a "good thing;" I would have paid to get into that festival just to score the burrito. Seriously, how freaking creative is that?

Now no one knows if this song is going to be a stand-alone release from Zedd or if this is from a larger project. Either way, he is currently on tour and giving all the good vibes, or shall I say "good things."

It's a bit mellow for Zedd but you can definitely hear his trademarks. I won't tell you how I feel about the song until after you take a listen.

What did you think? I think I'm biased because I actually LOVE everything Zedd puts out. Who cares what I think though, right? Time for you to tell us.

Is Zedd's new song with Kehlani wicked good to totally whack? Be honest, I promise my feelings won't get hurt. Although I may require Chipolte from those that disagree with me.

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