My name is Gazelle and my toxic trait is thinking I can complete an entire trip to the grocery store with just a single hand basket.

In a way, it feels good to get off of my chest, but at the same time, I'll probably never stop struggling. The realization spawned just yesterday when I ran to Shaw's in Dartmouth for a few things.

Let's be honest. It's never just "a few things" when you go into a supermarket. Unless you have the discipline of a nun, it's not an easy task to just pick up what's on your list and get out.

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At least for me, it's not.

So, here I am, peacocking up and down the aisles with what feels close to 70 pounds of food and I'm too stubborn to stop and grab a carriage. It's the same with bringing the bags in once you get home. If it's not brought in with one trip, I've failed at life.

This is an unspoken rule with a lot of people that I'll never understand besides the sheer laziness of not wanting to go back to the car for multiple trips.

The worst is having to put the basket down to reorganize items so as to avoid squishing a bag of chips or a loaf of bread. Now, I know I'm not the only one who would rather bear the weight of heavy groceries in a single handbasket rather than grab a cart.

Some grab a shopping cart for only a few items. That drives me nuts. But again, I shouldn't talk.

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