Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

It's definitely been an amazing year for the books and a strong stepping stone towards a very confident and successful future. With that in mind and a pretty secure idea of where I want to be and how to get to my desired goals, I have conducted a short list of Resolutions that will not only satisfy if completed, but will better myself entirely:

  1. Save Money More Efficiently:
    1. 401 K's are a great way to save money without even realizing you're doing it! The fact that it comes straight out of your paycheck makes life that much easier!
    2. Do more food shopping rather than going out to eat.
    3. Less trips to the bar/club scene.
  2. Get Heathier;
    1. More frequent trips to the gym... Anytime Fitness to be exact.
    2. Start food-prepping
    3. Start the Balanced Protein Diet Plan provided by Faunce Corner Nutrition of Dartmouth
    4. No Beer for three months!
  3. Visit Family/Friends more often:
    1. I'm at the age now where some family members are growing older and it would be nice to cherish more memories while I still can.
    2. With my busy work schedule, I would really like to see more of my friends who I feel I have neglected this past year. They're always there for me and I want to return the favor!

This will be the recipe to bettering myself in the new year and I truly believe it will strengthen my character and well-being.

Whatever your resolutions and goals may be for the year 2016, I truly wish you the best of luck!

You got this!!!