What qualifies you to be my roommate?

Due to a recent event that has left me alone and lonely at my Bachelor Pad... I'm in search for a new roommate. Below are a list of questions that must be answered honestly to be reviewed to help make a decision. I can assure you that while living with me is indeed a good time, there are some ground rules and fine lines.

All applicants can copy and paste these questions below into a word document and emailed to Rock@Fun107.com. Must be 21+ to participate. You may now begin the questionnaire, Good Luck!

1.) A Snow storm's on the way, you're at the store, you know you might be snowed in, how do you contribute to the blizzard party?

2.) Are you a gamer or nah?

3.) Rent is due in 3 days, we're $300 short and it's Friday. What do we do?

4) What are your special skills?

5.) Are you a hoarder?

6.) What is the oldest item you'll be moving in with me and why do you still have it?

7.) You fill the fridge with one type of beer, what do you choose?

8.) Why are you in the market for a roommate?

9.) List 2 examples of disagreements you've had with roommates in the past.

10.) Do you care about a messy sink?

11.) How often should the bathroom be cleaned?

12.) I leave my shampoo and body wash in the shower. Do you use it?

13.) Do you make your bed each morning?

14.) On a scale of 1-10, how loud do you play your music?

15.) What genre of music do you listen to?

16.) Are you into politics?

17.) Early Bird or Nite Owl?

18.) Which actor would play YOU in a movie about yourself?

19.) What is your current ringtone?

20.) There's a bowl of spicy mango salsa on the table with some "hint-o-lime" tortilla chips... Do you double-dip?

21.) Have you ever borrowed clothes from a past roommate?

22.) When it snows, we are required to shovel the sidewalks. How well is your cardio and back-strength?

23.) Can you cook? If YES, what is your specialty?

24.) Are you a cat or a dog person?

25.) Would you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?

26.) We are driving together to grab a beer Downtown and I pass you the Aux Chord. A good night ALWAYS starts off with the first song played. Which song do you play?

27.) You offer to make me waffles.... do you serve them with Mrs. Buttersworth or Aunt Jemima?

28.) You want to record a TV show, but the DVR is full. You have to delete one of my shows, but the choices are either Family Guy or Bob's Burgers. Be careful, the wrong choice, may send you packing. Choose wisely...

29.) I'm looking to start a band, with just us as roommates. What would you call our band?

30.) Why should YOU be a good roommate?




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