Production for the new Good Burger 2 movie continues to take over Rhode Island, with Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell staying busy on set and checking out the Ocean State in their downtime.

With production fully underway, that means other actors are beginning to report to set, and one East Providence senior got the chance of a lifetime when she received the call that she would be an extra in the film.

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18-year-old Gabby Phaneuf is a senior at East Providence High School and she is gearing up for graduation, but she couldn’t pass up the chance to be in one of her favorite movies of all time.

“I’ve always been a Good Burger fan, I grew up watching the movie, it’s one of my favorites,” she said.

She heard the news that Good Burger 2 would be filming in Rhode Island, so she immediately applied for an open casting role.

Fast forward to Thursday. Phaneuf is at her graduation rehearsal when she gets the call she never expected.

“I was given a rush call and that basically means they need someone (on set) ASAP,” she explained. "I just sat down to practice walking across the stage and I get a text saying they need a rush call. I submit my name and they called me asking if I could be there right away and I said, ‘Sure! I’m on my way!”

Phaneuf saw an opportunity and took it. Who needs a graduation rehearsal anyway? If Good Burger calls, you answer.

Phaneuf’s official role is “party guest.” She was unable to divulge any further, but she did say she got a chance to meet Kel Mitchell, and the senior was starstruck.

“He’s the nicest guy ever and I was honestly fangirling because I grew up watching him in so many different movies, so seeing him was surreal,” she said.

From the sounds of it, Phaneuf may have a new career on her hands, even before she officially walks across the stage.

Keep your eyes peeled for Phaneuf when Good Burger 2 finally hits theatres.

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