While perusing the interwebs this afternoon, I came across a Bloomberg Business Week article on a topic that I just LOVE: Self-Sabotaging Social Media.  With hundreds of kids out looking for summer work right now, it is still amazing to find that most of them have not made their social media lives private.  Here are some of the top "duh" items that should be for your eyes and your eyes only, not a potential employers'.

Inappropriate or Provocative Photos:  And don’t you dare read this and say “YOLO”.  YOLO does not justify a crotch shot.

Drinking/Drug Use:  So you want to work at summer camp, do you? Well in real life, summer camp doesn’t operate like Wet Hot American Summer.  Please spare the public from your Jersey Shore Spring Break photo album.

Ranting:  If you’re publically bashing folks left and right on your feed, who says you won’t start publically bashing your new employer or workplace?  The same goes for the “Woe Is Me” content- no one wants to hire a little black rain cloud to mope around for 40 hours a week.

Intolerance:  Unfair comments about race, gender, religion or anything else is a giant red flag.  No one wants to hire a potential HR nightmare.

If you still haven't found  a summer job yet, take a day off from the search to clean up your online representation of yourself and once you've done that, get out there and try again. YOLO, kids. #YOLO.


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