The toy company Hasbro and Hollywood studio Lions Gate are teaming up to bring a popular board game to the big screen as a feature film.

According to Scripps, the film’s plot will center around a boy from Baltic Avenue’s “quest to make his fortune and avoid jail time.” Baltic is one of the cheapest properties on the board. In order to become rich, the board will reportedly use both Chance and Community cards.

Andrew Niccol will be writing the screenplay. Back in 1998, Niccol was nominated for an Oscar Award for writing the film “The Truman Show,” staring Jim Carrey and Ed Harris.

Monopoly was invented more than 100 years ago and 275 million copies of the game has been sold with 47 languages to pick from.

The date of release has not been determined yet for the Monopoly film.

With additional reporting by Sal Lopez