The countdown begins. We are one week away from the long-awaited return of the Feast of the Blessed Sacrament in New Bedford. It's been three years since the SouthCoast has flocked to Madeira Field to soak in Portuguese culture and soak up some tasty vino, and I have a feeling the Feast is coming back bigger and better than ever.

And truthfully, this year is special for me because it marks my first Feast experience ever. No longer will I have to live vicariously through the memories that Michael and Gazelle share with me. I’ll have a chance to make memories of my own and see what the hype is all about.

I wanted to commemorate the return and my first experience with a special token, and what better way to do that than with fashion?

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Last week, I asked the SouthCoast for some ideas on what our official Feast shirts should say, and the community did not disappoint.

A personal favorite of mine was “They’re a 10, but they don’t go to the Feast.” That’ll drop anyone down a few notches.

With the help of Michael and Gazelle, the morning show has narrowed down over 40 submissions to the top five, and each one of them is catchier than the next.

The Top 5 Submissions for our Official Feast Shirts

Scott from Dartmouth: “Fun 1-0-Festa”

Madison from New Bedford: “Festa De Fun 107”

Fernando from Fall River: “Mas Fica”

Jen from New Bedford: “Feast Mode”

John from Dartmouth, “Got Linguiça?”

Now, It’s Up to You

The results are in and the finalists have been chosen. Help us pick the winner to ensure we show up to the feast in style!


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