When Dartmouth native Brittany Araujo woke up this morning, she had no idea that she would be seeing Taylor Swift live, but after dedicating hours and hours to decking out her car in Taylor Swift décor, the official Fun 107 panel of judges deemed her car the Swiftiest of them all and awarded her two tickets to the hottest concert of the year.

It wasn’t until after she won the tickets that Michael and Maddie found out just how much these tickets meant to Araujo.

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“You are going to see Taylor Swift,” said Michael to Brittany Araujo outside of Lolly’s Café in South Dartmouth Tuesday morning. She was quickly overcome with emotion.

“Today is my dad’s birthday, he passed away ten years ago, so the fact that this is happening, I’m just in tears,” she said.

Araujo is a busy woman who works as a CNA at McClean Hospital. Luckily, today was her one day off, and when she heard about the “Taylorfy Your Car” contest, she got to work.

The overall car was eye-catching, but her back windshield was a true masterpiece.

“I drew every single era of Taylor on my iPad and I designed and cut out every piece of vinyl on my Cricket, and I was up until 2 am layering everything,” said Araujo.

She then woke up at 5 am to drive two hours from Boston in hopes of winning big with Michael and Maddie.

Once the official panel of judges saw her work of art in Tuesday’s list of submissions, it was clear that Araujo was a serious “Swiftie” and they awarded her the golden tickets to see Taylor Swift live at Gillette Stadium.

Congratulations, Brittany! You will certainly be riding in style to the concert this weekend.

How to Participate in the “Taylorfy Your Car” Contest

The rules are very simple. Show up on-site to see Michael and Maddie with your car decked out in Taylor Swift décor as if you were headed to the tailgate. You must be at the location by 8:30 am, but if you cannot make it, upload a picture to the Fun 107 app with your name and phone number. On Wednesday, May 17th, Michael and Maddie will be at Bootleg BBQ in Westport to continue Restaurant Week. It will be the final day of the contest.

Pull up by 8:30 am to get one step closer to Taylor Swift tickets! Good luck.

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