We have some pretty big news about Tuesday morning's live broadcast from Lolly's in Dartmouth.

Our restaurant week continues at Lolly's, and while Michael and Maddie are there, you can enter a special contest to win tickets to see Taylor Swift this weekend at Gillette Stadium.

Here's What You Have to Do

We are looking for you to "Taylor-fy" your car. If you think about how you would decorate your car if you were heading up to the show this weekend, you understand the assignment.

So far, we've been seeing a ton of window paint, but feel free to get frilly, glittery, and bright.  You might want to represent one Era from Taylor's career, or you might want to have a sample of multiple different eras on your car.

Once you decorate your car, bring it down to Lolly's for us to see.  We might pop out and check it out in person, but if we are on the air and you don't have time to wait...DON'T WORRY!  Once you are at Lolly's take a quick pic of your Taylor-fied car and submit it on the Fun 107 app.

Just hit the drop down menu in the upper left hand corner when you open the app, then select "submit photo/video."  Be sure to include your name, town and phone number so we can call you if you are selected.

The winner will be picked Tuesday by a committee.  If you don't win on Tuesday, it's not time to panic, yet.  We'll have chances for you to win more free tickets on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Good luck!


iwantyourmidnightsss13 via Tik Tok
iwantyourmidnightsss13 via Tik Tok

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