Jeffrey Dahmer is haunting me.

Let me explain.

Around the holidays, I pointed out a pair of glasses to my husband that I absolutely loved. They were a bit expensive, so I passed on them, but on Christmas morning, I opened up a present, and there they were. It was a thoughtful gift and I was so excited.

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Fast forward a few days later. I posted a picture online, rocking my new glasses and feeling very cool. Until I read the comment section.

“Hello Jeffrey Dahmer,” wrote one user.

The confidence cloud I was riding quickly evaporated, and as I stared at the picture I posted, I couldn’t unsee it.

Did I really look like one of the worst serial killers in this country’s history?

I decided I was not going to let the opinion of a total stranger ruin my day, and I continued to wear them (and love them).

When I walked into the studio on Thursday morning, rocking my new glasses, I heard the one sentence I hoped to never hear again.

“Hey, Jeffrey Dahmer,” my cohost Michael Rock joked.

It’s not exactly ideal to be affiliated with Dahmer in any way, even if the comments were lighthearted, but here is the fact:

Whenever I put my new glasses on, I think of Dahmer.

And I know I am not the only one to rock these aviator-rimmed glasses, but the resemblance to Dahmer’s lenses is so uncanny and I’m at a loss for what to do.

So, I ask for your help.

Do my new glasses make me look like Jeffrey Dahmer or do I tell Michael to kick rocks?

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