I’m a bit disappointed that October 1st falls on a Sunday this year because I won’t be able to race Michael and Gazelle to the phrase, “Rabbit Rabbit.”

It’s become a beloved tradition of the morning show to begin every month with this quirky tradition, but not before I had to explain it to Michael who had never heard the phrase, “Rabbit, Rabbit” before.

I was shocked, but it got me thinking. Maybe there are other people who don’t know about this silly tradition.'

When October 1st arrives, here’s why you should join in on this trend.

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The History of “Rabbit Rabbit”

The story goes that by saying “Rabbit Rabbit” before anything else on the first day of the month, you will have good luck for the next 30 days.

Farmers Almanac shared how the first written record of the phrase being said for luck was in an English periodical written in 1909 when a child reportedly spoke “Rabbit Rabbit” up the chimney on the first of each month in the hopes of receiving a present.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt would say “Rabbits” on the first of the month and was even known to carry a lucky rabbit’s food around during the 1932 presidential election.

He won the election by a landslide.

When to Say “Rabbit Rabbit”

It’s simple. On the first of each month, make sure the first sentence to come out of your mouth is “Rabbit Rabbit.” According to superstition, 30 days of good luck are headed your way.

Is it real? It’s hard to say.

But who couldn’t use a little luck every now and then?

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