I made a bold declaration on my Facebook page yesterday: "Wendy's grilled chicken sandwich is the best fast food going right now. Change my mind."

It kicked off a firestorm of debate on my page. Now, I've decided to debut a series of weekly showdowns called Fun 107 Fast Feud. We'll highlight different fast food offerings each week, and you'll vote for which fast food place has the best one.

Today's selection is the fast food chicken sandwich. I understand that there are probably many chicken sandwiches available at a bunch of restaurants, but remember, this is all about finding the strongest FAST FOOD chicken sandwich.

For my money, the Wendy's chicken sandwich is bomb. It actually looks and feels like an actual piece of grilled chicken, which is a plus. They are not all shaped the same, and they're dressed with what looks like legit spring mix instead of iceberg lettuce. Finally, it is topped with a honey mustard sauce that is pretty solid.

So let us know which fast food chain YOU think has the BEST chicken sandwich.


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