Running on Dunkin' just became easier.

For those who have a tight schedule in the morning on your commute to work like myself, you can now worry no more. According to Business Insider:

"The bottled iced coffees will be sold at grocery, convenience stores, mass merchandisers and Dunkin' Donuts restaurants."

So, you mean to tell me... that I can now go to Stop and Shop (which is where this bottle was purchased in the photo above), buy 7, chill them in the fridge and I'm set for the week?! Just open the fridge and BAM! .... Instant access to my favorite Dunkin' Donuts iced coffees.

These bottles cost around a buck and change and if you're wondering about the taste? It's rich, smooth and taste EXACTLY like an ice coffee from DD should! Also, if you're more into the flavored Iced Coffees, you can also get it in Mocha and my personal favorite... French Vanilla!

My final message to Dunkin' Donuts is simple: THANK YOU!

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