Have you ever had one of those dreams that felt way too real?

We've all been there, right? In the middle of having a great dream, something you've always wanted to happen and right before you're about to get it...you wake up. Now that's the worst.

I recently just had a dream where I won $5,000 on a lottery ticket; talk about the best dream ever. And of course, right when I was handed the money, I woke up! Does anyone else have those kinds of dreams? You have to wonder if dreams like that are a big deal or not. Michael, Loren and I were all talking about dreams and what they meant in realtime. Like the ones when you're teeth are falling out. Almost everyone in the studio has had that particular dream before and apparently, one of the meanings for teeth falling out is that you regret something you've said earlier that week. Even Michael said my lottery ticket dream was a sign of bad luck! What do you guys think? Do you believe dreams have any kind of interpretation to them or is it all just blown out of proportion?

How about when someone else had a dream about you and then blames you for it? Both our wives have had dreams of us cheating on them and then got mad at us the next morning. Don't get mad at me, I can't help what I did in your dream! Even Loren said she had a dream about her husband cheating on her and was a upset at him for a few hours. Personally, I believe dreams aren't that big of a deal. I think it's interesting looking up the meanings but I've never taken them too seriously. Especially when it wasn't even my own dream!