From Fairhaven to Fall River, the only Halloween Happy Meal buckets you'll be getting from McDonald's are the ghost ones.

There's a reason for that.

Leave it to one McDonald's connoisseur from Dartmouth by the name of Larry Soares to go on the hunt for something other than a ghostly pail.

After a long absence, McDonald's debuted the Halloween buckets (again) to the public Oct. 18  and my Facebook newsfeed was chock-full of ghost bucket photos. There were no signs of the green witch or the orange pumpkin that are supposed to complete the trio.

Soares, a Fun 107 alum, got to the bottom of the bucket of truth.

Gazelle/Townsquare Media
Gazelle/Townsquare Media

His first stop was the Fairhaven McDonald's, where he asked the manager what the deal was with the absence of the green and orange pails.

"He basically said they’ll go through all the boxes of ghost buckets before they go to the next bucket (whatever it is)," Soares said about the answer he was given. "I even drove to Fall River just to make sure they didn’t start on a different bucket."

Keep in mind that these are not the "adult" happy meals McDonald's has been rolling out, these are the buckets meant for kids.

Caught up in the moment, an overexcited Soares suddenly realized he was far too invested in the search, physically and emotionally. He broke down the Fairhaven McDonald's strategy as he understood it:

Soares plans on checking back in on Saturday to seize the chance to possibly collect the other nostalgic buckets, as he once did as a kid.

Now, that's dedication.

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