Happy first day of fall to the '80s and '90s babies who are writhing with nostalgic anticipation from the latest McDonald’s news. Rumors were circulating about the return of their iconic Happy Meal pumpkin pails, and I’m happy to report that these rumors are true.

What is the Halloween Happy Meal?

The original, limited-time Happy Meal buckets were introduced in 1986, with three jack-o-lantern pails, each with their own personality and name: McPunk’n, McBoo and McGoblin.

Dino Drac's Retro Commercials!/Youtube

Dino Drac's Retro Commercials!/Youtube

While children of the '80s got the traditional pumpkin pails, children in the '90s were introduced to McPunk’n, McBoo and McWitch, each with their own color and fitted with a lid that doubled as a cookie cutter.

If You Grew Up in the 90s, Your Trick-or-Treat Bag Was This Pail

Was your costume even complete without the pail? The answer is no.

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I remember using my pail a couple of years in a row because my mother would hold on to it each year and use it for various knick-knacks around the house, thencleaning out to use it for its proper purpose: equipping me to be the cool trick-or-treater on the block.

Are the Rumors True?

Michael and Maddie made a call to Lynn Ciminello who runs dozens of McDonald’s in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. She confirmed that the restaurant chain would be bringing back their beloved pails, but only for a short period. From Oct. 18 until Oct. 31, guests can order Happy Meals and receive their Halloween pails.

Don't worry, there is no judgment if you're an adult ordering a kid's meal. This walk down memory lane requires it.

Ciminello was not able to confirm the design, but selfishly, I hope they go with the early '90s trio.

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