Google is reportedly looking to buy Twitter.

Twitter's value increased more than 1.5 billion dollars this past Tuesday. This was after it was announced that Google was looking to buy the social network.

According to Telegraph, two companies contacted Twitter with serious inquires in purchasing the site. Google happened to be one of those companies.

Twitter has been around less than a decade and has generated 34 billion dollars and 288 monthly active users.

Google - Getty Images
Google - Getty Images

Google launched Google+, their own social network back in 2011. The launch was done in efforts to expand the company into the social media world. Google+ managed to gain 300 monthly active users, however it still can't complete with other rivals like Facebook and Twitter.

Purchasing Twitter would help Google successfully expand the brand. Google, reportedly worth 60 billion dollars, would have no issues buying out the company.

Neither Google nor Twitter commented on the reported buyout.

Rumors of the sale has circulated for years, dating back to 2011. We'll see in the coming weeks if this rumor is in fact true.

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