A Celtics superfan has been creating custom jerseys for every team win this season and we are loving what we're seeing.

Pete Rogers has been blowing Celtics fans minds for months now with his custom jerseys created after each team win. From iconic Boston landmarks to support for the other local teams, his jerseys have had it all.

Sure, some of them are just the classic green with different takes on the team logo, but some get very creative and super local. Those are the ones we are loving the most.

With over 40 wins for the Celtics so far this season, we can't show you every jersey Rogers has come up with. But we did put together a short top seven list of the ones we love the most.

Here's Fun 107's Top 7 from Pete Rogers Twitter feed...

#7 - Showing some love for the other teams in town with this Bruins jersey. He also created Red Sox and Patriots jerseys this season and we love them all.

#6 - The Christmas win called for a Christmas themed jersey with snowflakes and trees down the side.  


#5 - When many think Boston, they think of the T. This jersey is here for that.

#4 - Rogers went Boston Strong after the 13th Boston win and put a marathon theme on his superfan jersey.

#3 - A 33rd win had Rogers paying homage to #33 Larry Bird with a silhouette of the Celtics great as the 'i' in Celtics.

#2 - Nothing says I'm heading into Boston like seeing the paint streaked water tower on 95. And we love that he captured that on a jersey.

#1 - What could be more New England than Dunkin? Of course this jersey would be our absolutely fav - and one you can actually buy.

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