She has been tapped as the new Nicki Minaj, but I think Doja Cat has a lot to prove before she gets to that level.

Her legal name is Amalaratna Zandile Dlamini. Yes, I had to copy and paste her entire name because there was no way I was going to remember how to spell that. She was born and mostly raised in California.

She isn't a stranger to the limelight. Her father was an actor and her mother was a painter. There's lots of talent in her family.

Even though this may be the first or second time you are hearing a song from Doja, she has actually been releasing music since 2013. That year, she dropped some music on SoundCloud.

It wasn't until 2018 that she got signed to a major record label and started getting serious street cred for her raps.

In her latest single "Say So," she shows us that she's multi-talented and able to single a little on her tracks, something similar to what Nicki Minaj gives us on some of her tracks.

In case you missed me playing Doja Cat's latest radio single, here it is:

With over 13 million views, she clearly has a following. What do you think of the song? Is it wicked good or totally whack? You can vote now and help us decide whether we should add it to the Fun 107 playlist. What are you waiting for? Just "Say So."

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