Do you know where that sparkly eyeshadow came from? Chances are probably not because most of us don't pay attention to where or how our beauty products were made.  We put it on, feel pretty, and go about our day but there is a good chance that most of our beauty products are products of child labor including that pretty glitter eyeshadow we all love so much.

A recent campaign from Made in A Free World, an organization that fights to end modern-day slavery has uncovered that the mineral mica, used in eyeshadow to give it that sparkly look, is mined illegally by children in India.

According to a nonprofit organization for the social justice of children have reported that children as young as 5 are working 12-hours per day for only $4.

Before I purchase any beauty products I also check the labels to make sure the products are not tested on animals and that they are not manufactured in places where child labor is present.

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