The Executive Chef at Sakonnet Golf Club in Little Compton, Rhode Island demonstrates what happens to baked ham if you cook it with fresh pineapple.

Mary Towers, the Executive Chef at Sakonnet Golf Club called the Michael Rock Show yesterday to give a warning to families that plan on baking a ham for Christmas. She warned to steer clear of baking your ham with fresh pineapple. She told us that she gets frustrated each year when she sees local supermarkets displaying hams next to fresh pineapples. "It's basic food chemistry," says Towers. "It's something we learned in our first semester at Johnson and Wales."  Towers says there's no reason pineapple can't be used, but she recommends using only canned pineapple.

Towers says she is on a "pineapple crusade" to warn the public so that families aren't disappointed...especially with big holiday meals like Christmas and Easter, which often feature ham as the main entree.  Towers says she's repeatedly sounded the alarm to local supermarket managers, but they don't seem to pay much attention to her warnings.

We asked Towers to put together a video demonstration of what happens when fresh pineapple is used to baked ham. It wasn't pretty.

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