Last month, we invited New Bedford therapist Autumn Prior onto the Rock and Fox Show to give what she has dubbed "drive-thru" therapy on the radio.

It was such a popular segment with the audience and we got so much feedback after the show, that we decided to bring her back in for another round of Drive-Thru Therapy. Autumn will be on the Rock and Fox Show Thursday, February 6 at 8 a.m.

If you are facing any issues right now with your family, your kids, your work – anything that you'd like some guidance on – there are a few ways to let us know about it.

The easiest and most immediate thing you can do is to submit audio on the Fun 107 app.  That way, you won't have to wait until tomorrow to ask your question, and if we pick it to air during the show we'll even send you back the audio of Autumn's answer on the show.

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It's easy to submit your audio. Open the Fun 107 app. Look for the "Send Audio/Video" button that is on the black bar in the center of the app's home screen. You'll see an icon of a camera on the right side of the black bar. That's where you want to tap. Then, just fill out your info and click the pink button to record and submit your audio.

If your topic is something of a personal nature, just request us to change your voice and Gazelle will make you anonymous.

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