Finally, after years of telling myself I was going to give CrossFit a try, I gave my full commitment tonight.

Technically, this was my second class over at CrossFit Dartmouth on Connecticut Ave., since I dove into "Murph" on Thanksgiving morning without any prior training. For anyone who is unaware of what "Murph" even is, consider it one of the more challenging workouts within the realm of CrossFit and it was my first time giving it a go.

Tonight, however, was no walk in the park, either. I was introduced to yet another challenging workout called "Fran," a benchmark in the CrossFit community as one of the very first workout regiments.

The workout was made up of three sets of reps (21, 15, and nine) where barbell thrusters (squat into an overhead press) are super-setted with pull-ups.

Sounds fun, right?

As tired and fatigued as I felt afterward, I will admit that once I caught my breath, I felt an unexpected rush of motivational satisfaction, something along the lines of a "good burn" when you're working out. It was exactly what I needed to push myself onto the first stepping stone on my next chapter in life.

Michael Rock has been pushing me to sign up for the longest time, literally years, and he wasn't the only one. Plenty of my friends work out there as well and have also attempted to get me into the lion's den, but I was still too stubborn to join the clan.

I will admit that with the help of some of the CrossFitters who have been training for years (Jill, Jenny, Jess, Justin, etc.), I was able to complete tonight's scheduled workout and couldn't be happier for the support I received.

For anyone who is considering taking on CrossFit, but perhaps has been hesitant or even nervous (believe me, my nerves were at an all-time high as I was gearing up to begin this exhausting workout), take my word: you CAN do this and it WILL change your life for better.

The camaraderie was at an all-time high and everyone was cheering each other on as if we knew we were going into battle together as a fighting family to better ourselves for a new year, a new beginning and most importantly, a fresh start in the right direction.

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