Watching Sex and the City reruns is one of my guilty pleasures. Last night's episode featured the four best friends going to a baby shower. The mommy-to-be told her old pals that she decided to name her baby Todd for a boy, or Shayla for a girl. Charlotte was beside herself. Shayla was the name she called dibs on for HER future daughter! Horrified to have her dream name stolen from her, she left the shower.

Positive that this happens in real life, we opened this question up to our listeners. Have you ever had a baby name stolen from you? Were you crushed to learn that the name you had your heart set on was now off the table?

Pete and I are determined to create a Baby Name Registry. This would allow users to secure the rights to a name, until they wish to lift the "dibs." Our million dollar idea will probably spark arguments between sisters and friends, but we're convinced it's necessary.