Career Days at schools across the SouthCoast have helped so many young people find the spark that will drive them to want to learn more, and I got to be a small part of that.

I have done a bunch of these Career Days and every time I always find at least one student whose ear perks up at the thought of being on the radio one day. While I know this event is meant for the students to get a little behind-the-scenes look into a career field that they have shown some interest in, it sometimes feels like a day that shows me I'd love to be a teacher.

Now I could never discount the amazing work our teachers do but there really is no better feeling than having young people excited to learn, especially about something I have dedicated most of my life to doing. Granted, I have a pretty cool job, and I hooked the students in with pictures of myself with some of their favorite celebrities, and then the questions started flying.

I remember that last Career Day I did. It was Dartmouth Middle School, about a week or two before the pandemic closed everything down. We did two classrooms full and at first, the students were tough to crack. All it took was one brave student to ask a question to open the floodgates for all the others. It got me excited about my own career again.

Markus/Dartmouth Middle School

It helped me gain perspective of just how cool my job is. It also made me realize I love seeing students' faces light up when they become passionate about something. Maybe a career in teaching is in my future. I know for most teachers their job is a thankless one; that's why I was surprised to receive over a dozen handwritten letters this week from the Dartmouth Middle school students to whom I had spoken.

Ben Smith Dartmouth Middle School

Thank you so much Dartmouth Middle School for having me. It was just as beneficial for me as it was your students.

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