The 5ft lobster roll, appropriately named "The Monstah", is the best meal to try to conquer with your friends.

The New England restaurant "Lobstah On A Roll" should be the next place to visit with your friends on a road trip. According to CBS Boston, their mouthwatering menu offers a massive 5ft lobster roll named "The Monstah". The sandwich is is made from the meat of 80 Maine lobsters and nestled on and a bed of lettuce with "no fillers".

For the people who can't handle "The Monstah" they offer different sizes, ranging from 6 inches to 5 feet, but if you choose this crustaceous beast, you're looking at a $900 bill (depending on the market price)! Afterall it's made to feed 60 people... so tread lightly with ths monstrosity.

Check them out at:

537 Columbus Ave
Boston, Massachusetts 02118

Visit their Facebook here

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Additional Reporting By Abigail Pelissier

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