It's the great dish dilemma. A recent report finds that dirty dishes are the downfall of many how do you decide who washes what?

In nearly 25% of divorces, fights over household chores is the cause of the split. And as the Council of Contemporary Families recently discovered the chore that most negatively impacts a relationship is doing the dishes.

The fact is most women get stuck doing the dishes and those that are constantly cleaning up after their significant other are the most unhappy in their relationship.

While those that had a 'I'll cook, you clean' mentality were happier couples overall.

I imagine it's the grossness of dirty dishes that would get to you. Not to mention cleaning up someone else's mess day after day.

Of course as a married person with a dishwasher, it doesn't make my household immune to this dirty dish dilemma.

I admit my husband pretty much never washes dishes. Though I try to avoid them as well by shoving everything I can into the dishwasher.

Still I get very aggravated when dirty dishes can't even make it into the dishwasher without me doing it.

My husband has a horrible habit of leaving his dirty dishes on the counter just above the inches from actually being where they should be.

And I am typically the one loading everything in and running it time after time.

Still, I can't imagine getting divorced over such a thing...though clearly people are.

As the CCF study shows, the division of housework has a huge impact on the intimacy in and the longevity of a relationship.

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