Angelina Jolie is Divorcing Brad Pitt!
Just when I thought it was going to be a good day, it just wasn't in the cards...
"She's asking for physical custody of the couple's 6 children. She is asking the judge to give Pitt visitation" https://t.co/MIL9FPc1nL
— Smita Prakash (@smitaprakash) September 20, 2016
TMZ first reported it, A…
Free Money
There's a new site in town and it wants to give you a free $10,000 loan towards your wedding!  SwanLuv wants to help pay for your dream wedding and only asks for a few simple answers in their online application form. If you qualify, you'll get the loan! You'll never have to …
Really, Happy Divorce Day?
Yes really!
Can two people who once loved and shared everything with each other, happily divorce one another and remain good friends while co-parenting their kids together?  Most say yes, and this picture shows it!
Who Gets The Dog?
This morning on the Rock and Fox Show local listeners shared their stories with us on who got the pup or pups in the divorce or break-up?
Divorce Rate
There are a lot of factors that go into picking a job, but do you think about how it will impact your relationship?
Gisele Filing For Divorce?
The rumors seem to coming true for Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen with several media outlets reporting that the power couple are divorcing.
Sources close to the couple have told Entertainment Tonight that although the pair are still very much in love, they are admittedly going through a rough patch...

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