We got a bittersweet diversion from the coronavirus crisis Tuesday morning. While it was much more bitter than sweet, New England got the sports news that we have been bracing for over the past six months. Tom Brady will no longer be on the New England Patriots.

Wow, deep in my heart, I knew that this was inevitable. Like death and taxes, it is a certainty that ALL athletes will eventually leave their teams. For players like Tom Brady, though, if you are a Patriots fan, you always hope to see them retire on their terms with their true team. That will not happen with TB12.

I'm not mad at the Patriots, but it's clear in my heart that I am no longer simply a Patriots fan. I honestly have seen this break-up coming for nearly a year. It's like when two of your good friends decide to get a divorce, and you like them both equally. You shouldn't have to choose sides. You shouldn't have to choose which person to support. It's possible to support both. And I do.

Of course I am going to remain a Patriots fan. I've been one since I got an autograph from Steve Grogan as he was boarding the team bus at the old Foxboro Stadium parking lot. But few people who don't have the last name of Rock have brought me more pure joy than Tom Brady.

It's going to be hard to cheer for the Buccaneers. God, why did it have to be such a LAME team? I could have dealt with the Chargers or even the Cowboys or Broncos, but the Bucs are just such a lackluster organization. It's going to be tough to cheer for that team, but it will NEVER be tough to cheer for Tommy Terrific. I will forever be grateful for the 20 years he spent here in New England. Every Patriots fan should be.

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