I'm getting closer and closer to my due date, but starting to think this baby isn't going to wait until then. Can a mom just 'know' baby's coming early?

As you may know by now I am expecting my second child in less than a month. But I'm not sure baby #2 is going to stick around for four more weeks.

Last time around I had no clue when things were going to happen. I was six days overdue and only realized I had started contractions because my doctor told me at our appointment that day.

But this time around I feel like I know things are going to happen early.

Everything this time around has been different. From terrible morning sickness to getting much bigger, much quicker, it seemed like this pregnancy was nothing like my first.

And now that I'm creepy closer to the end, I'm starting to think the end is coming sooner than the calendar says.

So can you just 'know?'

It's not like Braxton Hicks are happening or my blood pressure has spiked or anything, I'm just feeling like things are moving along in there and this kid is going to be good to go before her due date.

My husband thinks I'm a little nuts, so I gotta ask other moms.

Did you 'know' if your child would be early or late before you had any real reason to? Is this some sort of mom intuition? Or am I just being hopefully optimistic because I've gotten so sick of being pregnant?

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