If you're a woman and mom and are feeling overwhelmed and burned out, you're definitely not the only one.

On the show this past week, Michael found some good data on just how burned out most working women are in this day and age. I wasn't really surprised by these statistics because I am that woman. And when you throw family, kids and a spouse in there, things can get even hairier.


The article Michael came across is from Merideth, which is a media and marketing services company that through their national and local media groups like Time, Living and People magazines cover all things culture and lifestyle. They have the Flashpoint Brochure available for you to download or print if you'd like a copy of it. It's got so much good information and sheds a new light on the how, why and what you can do to help yourself and your mental mindset.

Some of the highlights of this article that stood out for me?

— The generations in the study included Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers.

— Some stats included: 60 percent of women said that the only person they don't have time for is themselves, 49 percent said that "the work-life balance is a myth," and 81 percent believe that society glorifies busy lifestyles.

— Many women also mentioned that if they had just one extra hour they would make changes to their lifestyle such as giving up social media, alcohol, chocolate or even adding a workout or wellness plan to their routine.

— Taking care of family while still trying to balance work is a major contributor to stress and anxiety among women. Sixty-three percent said that they felt they had already gone through a full day of work before even stepping foot into the office. Men also feel a level of burnout from work but women are more likely to experience burnout at work and home.

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I feel fortunate that my other half, my husband, is a very hands-on dad and is always jumping in to help without being asked. There are things though that are on my plate that he cannot (no fault of his) help me with. He is not going to be worried about or interested in making sure the house is decorated for the multiple holidays we have each year. I do all of the gift-giving shopping for everyone in our life (and the wrapping for that matter). I am the pick-up and drive-to for my kids after school while my husband is still at work. And as most working moms and stay-at-home moms know, the to-do lists are never completed, right?


I guess the one thing I am trying to focus on lately is allowing myself the downtime for just me. I've started back to my own fitness and wellness routine and am working in more therapeutic activity that helps me de-stress. I feel this will add (not take away) years to my life and allow me to be the better version of myself, instead of the grumpy one.

But with everything, it's a work in progress due to the whole "mom guilt thing." It's definitely getting better each year and at this point in my life, I have absolutely turned a big corner.

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